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You’re great at managing your career, but what about your energy?

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

I’m a corporate professional turned entrepreneur & coach, and I know balancing work, family, and personal growth can be really tough for professional women! What I discovered is how important balancing your energies are in the pursuit of your success.

For me, energy is the foundation of everything I do. Without sufficient energy, I can't sustain the focus and motivation needed to achieve my desired goals. But when I talk about energy, I don't just mean physical energy. Emotional, mental, and spiritual energy are just as important, and all are interconnected. When one energy is out of balance, it can affect the others too.

For physical energy, I make sure to get enough sleep and take breaks throughout the day to stretch and move my body. Spending time outdoors in nature is also essential for me.

Managing my emotional energy is a crucial part of my journey towards success. I prioritise surrounding myself with positive and supportive people who uplift and encourage me.

Practicing mindfulness and meditation helps me become more aware of my emotions and their impact, which has helped me better manage my stress and anxiety. Engaging in fulfilling activities and practicing self-compassion and self-care also contribute to my emotional energy.

To boost my mental energy, activities that challenge my brain, such as reading, learning a new language, or discovering new things. Taking breaks throughout the workday to rest and recharge mentally is also essential. Practicing mindfulness and meditation has been particularly helpful for a calm and focused mind.

As someone who has personally experienced the transformative power of cultivating spiritual energy through yoga, giving back through volunteer work, and spending time in nature, it has certainly helped me to connect with greater purpose and fulfilment.

If we don't take care of our energy levels, we can quickly become depleted, leading to burnout, stress, and fatigue. And it's not just our productivity that suffers when we're tired and drained - our relationships at work and home will suffer too.

With more sustained energy, we can tap into our creativity, focus, and resilience. We can approach challenges with a positive mindset and stay motivated even when things get tough. We make better decisions and take action towards our goals with clarity and purpose.

To experience the balance of your energies join me on my yearly Boutique Yoga & Mindfulness retreats at the beautiful Saint Tropez Peninsula in France. Take time out, connect with nature, and fill your cup. Prioritising our energy levels is critical for success, and investing in ourselves now means reaping the benefits in the future.

Find more details here or contact me to support you on your way to success.

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