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Taking a break from your working day with yoga is proven to be one of the most effective ways to relieve stress, increase energy levels and improve mindfulness. 


Make health a priority for your team and experience the stress-reducing and energy enhancing benefits of yoga and at the same time learn simple mindfulness practices that help you build resilience for a successful day.

I'm an experienced Yoga Alliance RYT500 teacher specialised in offering corporate yoga & mindfulness programmes designed for professional & modern office environments, available both in person and online.

My classes offer a practice for everyBODY with the intention to provide tools to boost both professional and personal life.

If you are a global company and want to launch a successful yoga or mindfulness programme for your valued employees, let's talk!

A mindful approach to well-being to support you with more than just a workout, more than just a yoga class, more than just a relaxing experience, and more than just stress management. 


A class to release muscle tension, build strength and flexibility and reverse the effects of sitting on a desk all day. Helping your employees return to work feeling more energetic, focused and calm for a successful day. This class offers a 2-5 minute mindful meditation, followed by a 50 minute class where you will move and de-stress and find rejuvenation by ending in 5 minutes of deep rest.


Private classes are a great solution for your valued employees that want to choose their time and place, prefer more privacy and are looking for a session that is tailored just for them.

The right breaks can replenish brain energy, increase productivity and improve performance.

Your personal energy influences everyone around you. Let me help you balance your day.



Don’t have the space or time for a yoga class? We will move right where you are. I combine smart physical exercises to create a powerful, energising pause during your day. Learn tools to carry you throughout your day with more energy, build resilience and stay calm under pressure.

This 6-10 week programme is designed for BUSY PEOPLE and will be the most important meeting of your week. 


Leave your desk behind and join me for Vinyasa Yoga in the Park, a dynamic session to refresh both body and mind. Shake off the stiffness from sitting as I guide you through flowing movements, energising stretches, and mindful breathing exercises. This practice will release tension, improve flexibility, and boost strength, leaving you revitalised and ready to take on the rest of your day with renewed energy and focus.

All levels are welcome and no previous experience is required.



We’re lucky to have Jacqueline come to our place of work every week for an hour long class. What a breath of fresh air! First of all, she is an inspiring person to meet in terms of mindfulness, you can really see that she practices what she teaches. I feel calmer after just even talking to her. Every class is different and based on what she sees would be useful for us: for example last week we worked a lot on releasing the tension in our shoulders. It’s also great to come together as a team also and see the progress we are making together. We do asanas today that it would have been impossible to do last year. And the best thing is how good we feel at the end of the session, a feeling that lasts all day long! Thank you, Jacqueline!

Janet O., HEC Alumni

"I appreciate the gentle and holistic approach Jaqueline takes in her teaching. In her online classes, in addition to good guidance, a sense of community and connection forms amongst us participants, as well as with her. I also participated in a seminar she led, and was impressed by the strength, calmness and clearness that she spoke with, as well as the reflective activities she involved us in. It is with full confidence that I recommend Jaqueline, as she's reliable, enthusiastic and highly considerate."


Jacqueline is an excellent and experienced yoga teacher. I always feel relaxed and revitalized after an hour session with her. Highly recommend making her sessions part of your weekly routine.


Thank you again for your great yoga class! Your energy : calm, centered, enthusiastic and the way you teach with joy ! It’s just the perfect cocktail for us,


It was such a delight to meet you, Jacqueline, and to practice yoga with you these last couple of months. You are an inspiring and gifted teacher and I feel so lucky to have found you and the magic of yoga in the Tuileries!

Virginia D.

This yoga experience was exceptional! Jacqueline was such a joy to take a class from. She has a calming presence and is warm and outgoing. She guided / gave adjustments as needed. The class was great with a wide range of poses. Would highly recommend!

Alia C.

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