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Cultural Intelligence - Your Secret Superpower in the Global Business World

PWN Paris - International HUB Evening on Cultural Intelligence: A Deep Dive into Stereotypes and Making Rich Connections

With our International HUB team at the Professional Women Network in Paris, we recently embarked on a journey of cultural exploration, breaking down barriers, and connecting on a level beyond borders. Here's a recap of our last event that was not just an evening of networking but a celebration of the diversity of our community at PWN.

Why Cultural Intelligence is Your Secret Superpower

In today's interconnected global business landscape, the ability to navigate and thrive in diverse cultural environments, Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is your key to unlocking opportunities. It's not just a skill; it's a secret superpower that lets us thrive in diverse environments, foster innovation through varied perspectives, and lead with a global mindset. 

Embarking on the Journey

Our January event wasn't just another networking event; it was a dynamic exploration into the heart of cultural intelligence. We dived deep into activities that explored stereotypes, sparked empathy, and laid the groundwork for valuable connections.

The Highlights

I Am, But I am Not - Introduction

  • Imagine shaking off stereotypes with a twist. Our icebreaker didn't just break the ice; it shattered preconceived notions. Professional women and men from around the world shared not just what they do but the vibrant layers beyond the typical labels. It was a journey of self-discovery and mutual understanding.

The Badge Game

  • Ever felt the power of badges in shaping perceptions? Our tag game unveiled the subtleties of affinity bias. It was eye-opening, sparking conversations about the beauty of diverse groups and the value of recognising unique perspectives.

Cultural Storytelling & Empathy 

  • Stories became the bridge between cultures. We shared, we listened, and we walked in each other's shoes, fostering empathy and creating a space for genuine understanding. It was a wealth of emotions and shared experiences and challenges.

Looking Beyond Familiarities and Unknowns

Our journey highlighted the importance of regularly looking beyond the familiar and embracing the unknown to cultivate a sense of comfort with what is unfamiliar to us. It was an acknowledgment of biases, a challenge to stereotypes, and an active pursuit of learning from diverse experiences. It's not just about surviving; it's about thriving in the global business world.

Building Stronger Intercultural Intelligence

In our quest for intercultural intelligence, we experienced the magic ingredients: open-mindedness, active listening, adaptability, humility, and emotional intelligence. These aren't just skills; they are the compass guiding us towards building strong intercultural relationships.

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