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This 8-Week UPGRADE programme is designed to cultivate focus and attention to thoughts, emotions and actions to improve our responses. The sessions are experiential and build skills you can integrate in your work and daily life.

It can also be tailored to fit your organisational values and goals.  

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Build a foundation of mindfulness by “simply being present”

  • Cultivate mental focus and attention

  • Understand and experience why emotional intelligence matters and its benefits to ourselves and others

  • Develop more resilience and well-being


  • Deepen learning through integrated practices, reflection and challenges

This programme include 1 hour face-to-face weekly sessions.


Each experiential session includes discussions, exercises and home practices. They will help you to build your own practice and try different tools to create a positive shift.


By the end you will have established a mindfulness practice that you'll be able to maintain. The knowledge and understanding alone does not make lasting change, this comes through a regular practice of mindfulness.

This 8-Week UGRADE is for you if you want to:

  • Gain understanding of mind and emotions and the impact on your environment

  • Raise your team's collaboration and engagement

  • Develop platforms for performance and well-being in your organisation

  • Learn mindfulness communications skills

  • Develop and maintain a mindfulness practice in daily life


  • Thrive and evolve at work and in life

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