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“Nothing happens until something moves.“

Albert Einstein

Step outside and join me on a conversation that gets you moving from where you are to where you want to be.


I will take you on a coaching walk, designed to build your resilience, confidence and well-being. Together we’ll explore what’s important to you, use the space to reflect and discover how to move forward.



“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Confucius

Why choose coaching? 

Coaching is about what is important to you, it’s a highly focused, efficient way of reaching your goals. 

As a coach, I provide you with a safe space for reflection which is key for learning and growth.

I will help you understand what your values are and where your actions diverge.
Reconnecting you with what you love about your life and work.
It can be helpful when you are going through changes such as starting a new role, moving to a new city or dealing with a challenging situation.

Coaching can also be supportive when you are feeling stuck, confused, overwhelmed or just in need of some time out to reflect and catch up with yourself.

While walking outdoors? 

As technology has evolved, we have moved away from nature and more and more from human connection. We spend more time indoors, sitting and using technology to connect.


Our environment has an immense impact on how we feel and it can be a great source of inspiration.
Walking brings in a sense of movement, when we physically move we are not only shifting our bodies but also our minds. This openness and space created by being out in a natural environment has been proven to have a positive effect on our creative thinking and overall well-being.
There are many creative people who use walking as their favourite source of creativity. 
In combination with coaching you will be able to get a deeper sense of awareness, gain a new perspective, come up with ideas and start moving towards taking the next step.


The Coach

I’m Jacqueline Koenig, an ICF certified professional coach based in Paris with a passion to support you on your journey to lead a life with more resilience, confidence and wellbeing.

I draw on my 20 year corporate experience in the global financial industry, mindfulness based emotional intelligence and professional coaching to help ambitious women navigate their emotions more powerfully to create a positive shift in their career and life.

Let me support you in moving forward and creating change.

How does it benefit you?

  • Creating time & space to focus on what’s important for you 

  • A safe space to walk and talk through sensitive issues or what is on your mind

  • Physically moving helps you to shift not only your body but also your mind

  • Leave feeling recharged, inspired and ready for any challenges ahead

What's involved?

  • One-on one confidential coaching session while walking outdoors

  • 45 minutes - at a time & location that suits your calendar

  • Gain deeper learning through reflective & experiential practices

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