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'Nothing happens until something moves.' 

-Albert Einstein

Discover the unique and refreshing combination of coaching while walking outdoors. 

Your Coach​           Jacqueline Koenig

As an ICF certified professional coach, I draw on my 20 years of corporate experience in the global financial industry, combined with mindfulness-based emotional intelligence and professional coaching, to help ambitious women navigate their challenges more powerfully.

I want to empower you to create positive shifts in your career and life. Together, we'll walk through challenges and overcoming obstacles. Whether you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or unsure of your next steps, I'm here to listen and help you create the change you desire.

With my support, you can develop the tools and skills necessary to thrive in all aspects of life.

Let's take that first step together.

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Why choose coaching? 

When you are driven, you're always looking to challenge yourself and achieve more in your personal and professional life. However, the road to success can be bumpy and filled with obstacles, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about your next steps. This is where coaching comes in.

As your coach, I provide a safe space for reflection and growth, where we can explore your values, beliefs, and priorities. Together, we'll work to gain clarity on what you want to achieve and develop a plan to get there. Whether you're navigating challenges at work or feeling stuck in your personal life, I'm here to support you every step of the way.

Choosing coaching is a powerful investment in yourself and your future. It's an opportunity to unlock your full potential and achieve the success and fulfilment you deserve. Additionally, when you're feeling stressed or experiencing burnout in your work, coaching can help you feel recharged and supported, allowing you to tackle challenges with confidence and creativity.

Why walk outdoors? 

Walking is a great source of inspiration, and has a positive effect on our well-being.

Each Walking-Coaching Session is an adventure that gets you moving, thinking, feeling supported, and ready to make long-lasting, positive changes. So, if you're ready to experience a different kind of coaching that will leave you feeling energised and inspired, join me for a coaching walk in the beautiful city of Paris.


"I love working with Jacqueline. When she  suggested walking coaching I went along with curiosity.
I then experienced and understood the power of her idea : movement created a huge change and so did the contact with nature. I felt my mind was both concentrated, more open and creative, enabling positive forward thinking, and a better listening.
Coaching is about change, and so is moving!
Walking coaching triggered more results and action driven positivity. I hope you’ll experience and enjoy !" - Caroline 

"I’d like to share my recent experience from the outdoor coaching session with Jacqueline. Luckily, we had a sunny day that added to the ambiance of our session. 
I appreciated discussing with her. Her skillful questioning and active listening helped me gain clarity on my goals and develop practical steps to achieve them.
I found the emphasis on reflection and growth to be particularly valuable. It was nice to take the time to pause by walking, focus on myself, and find inspiration in the beauty of nature around us.
In my opinion, walking coaching intentionally focuses on self-reflection through concentration. I found myself feeling recharged, serene, and filled with positivity as a result."
- Elena


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