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Looking for the ultimate summer getaway that combines ocean, beach, yoga, and surfing?

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Just imagine starting your day with sunrise yoga, catching some waves, and then unwind your day with sunset yoga.

A refreshing combination to be active, learn something new and rejuvenate mind and body.

Our yoga and surf retreat is designed to nourish your body, mind, and soul. With a beautiful accommodation set in nature with a pool, healthy meals, and a supportive community, you'll have everything you need to unwind, recharge, and get inspired.

Our retreat offers the perfect opportunity to explore the stunning and endless beaches and natural beauty of the French Atlantic coast just north of Biarritz.

VAWANDA and our experienced yoga teacher, Jacqueline, has created a program that integrates daily yoga and surfing, allowing you to learn new skills, challenge yourself, and connect with your body and mind. Learn the fundamentals of surfing by our expert surf instructor who will help you catch your first waves, even if you're a beginner. You can start right here, no yoga or surf experience is required. 

Don't miss this opportunity to create lasting memories, connect with nature, and meet new friends. Join us for an unforgettable yoga and surf retreat near Seignosse on the French Atlantic coast.

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A day at the retreat

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Jacqueline Koenig

Make the most of your precious holiday time. 


UNTIL 25 April 2023

Email us for further details:


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