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In stressful and challenging situations,

we often REACT instantly. Driven unconsciously by our emotions, we let ourselves act without full consideration of what's in front of us.

When we RESPOND, we take a moment to choose the next step with more intelligence. Giving ourselves space to reflect with clarity puts us back in control of any situation.

To choose responding over reacting is a trainable skill!

Today’s work environments are fast-paced, fast-evolving, forever presenting us with new stresses and pressures.

We're challenged by information overload, multitasking, quick decision-making, and online connections compete for our focus all day. Constant distractions and a busy mind are the norm.


How can we create space for an attentive mind to let us lead with awareness?


Proven Mindfulness training can enhance self-awareness, presence, empathy, and judgement. It better equips professionals on all levels to manage the complexities of the workday, bringing a deeper level of intention and purpose to work.


And this isn't only critical for the individual, it creates a ripple effect for everyone around us.


Leaders have a huge influence in building sustainable and trusted relationships with their people and clients. Enhanced leadership qualities can have a positive impact on every facet at work, and every aspect of life.

Emotional intelligence based on mindfulness can benefit professionals on all levels:


  • Cultivate mental focus and awareness throughout the day

  • Build mindful communication skills to foster trusting relationships

  • Respond to challenges and work-life stresses positively


  • Understand and manage emotions and thoughts


  • Shift energy levels and improve performance

IMG_2271 2.jpg

The secret to

keeping cool

under pressure, staying focussed

and energetic 
from your desk.

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A three-part interactive programme to develop self-awareness, interrupt reactions and learn skilful ways to respond to challenges, allowing resilience to grow and build sustainable well-being.


The 8-Week UPGRADE is designed to cultivate focus and attention to thoughts, emotions and actions to improve our responses.

It is experiential, focused on building skills to integrate in your work and into the rest of your life.


Tailored one-on-one coaching sessions to work on your goals to elevate your performance and impact as a leader with mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

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